AcuLife by LifeWave, Inc.


Michele McLeod

WPRA member Michele McLeod has been a Lifewave representative and a Aculife patch user for her horses for since 2013 as seen in this picture.

Michele McLeod started hitting the rodeos in May of 2013 aboard Slick By Design (owned by Charlie Cole and Jason Martin of Highpoint Performance Horses). She quickly moved up the world standings from 114th place to 30th, 16th and finally, by the end of September 2013, she ended the rodeo season sitting 5rd in the world. In 2014 she was 4th in the world and had the fastest time of the entire WNFR on Kellies Chick. Michele wrapped up the 2015 season placing 5th in the world standings, winning 2 rounds at the WNFR and placing in 4 other rounds aboard Slick By Design.

Phillip Kelce

Team roper SPRA director of team roping Phillip Kelce owner of PK Ranch career winnings 2000-2017 PCA winnings $85,000 PRCA $55,000 USTRC $50,000 2011 SPRA $25000.

"John chance introduced me to aculife pain patches in January. I was like most people and very skeptical. But john patches my back a week before pca finals and the next morning was the first time in years I could get out of bed with NO PAIN. I watched him work on 20+ people and horse that week and seen the results in every case and I was hooked. If you are looking for a safe effective pain relief for you and your horse, this is it. "

Phillip Kelce, owner of PK Ranch
Karsyn Daniels

Karsyn Daniels started using Aculife patches for horses in 2014 lifetime earnings of $140,000./p>

Wins in 2017

  • National Junior High School Barrel Racing Champion
  • Texas Junior High School Barrel Racing Champion
  • Region X Junior High Barrel Racing Champion
  • FWSSR AQHA Grand & Reserve Youth Barrel Champion
  • RFD-TV’s The American Semi Finals Qualifier @ The Patriot
  • M7 Barrel Racing Champion
  • Whitesboro UPRA Barrel Champion
  • Childress UPRA Barrel Champion

Wins in 2016

  • Jr WPRA Tx Circuit Barrel Champion
  • AQHYA Reserve World Champion
  • 2x State Fair of Texas Barrel Racing Champion
  • RFD TV’s The American Semi Finals Qualifier @ Memphis
  • Lucky Lotto Barrels For Angels Sweepstakes Barrel Champion
  • SherryLynn Johnson Jr Barrel Champion
  • Chris Kyle Memorial Barrel Champion
  • ERA Finals Qualifier

Wins in 2015

  • Jr WPRA Reserve World Champion
  • Jr WPRA Tx Circuit Champion
  • BBR 1D Texas High Point Champion
  • CC5D 1D Year End Champion & Arena Record Holder @ Lonestar Arena
  • 3X D&D 1D Year End Barrel Champion
  • RFD TV’s The American Semi Finals Qualifier @ Glenrose
Carol Jones

"I have been training horses for 28 years.  I own and operate American Acres Training Center in Little Rock, AR. I train Appaloosa all-around horses and American Saddlebred Western Pleasure horses.  I was the 2009 Appaloosa Horse Club Trainer of the Year, having won over 50 Youth World Champion titles and another 200 plus top ten winners at the Appaloosa Youth World Shows over the past 15 years.  I have had multiple World and National Champion American Saddlebreds in Western Pleasure and Working Western Pleasure.

I have received my AcuLife product and I am integrating it into my training and showing program. I am very impressed with the results I have seen when using AcuLife on our horses."

Carol Jones, successful horse trainer
January Elrod

"My name is January Elrod, and my mother, Frankie Murphy, and I, have been around and owned horses for the last 26 years. I have ridden Western Pleasure, English, Gymkahna and currently focus on Barrel Racing. We believe in doing things naturally and without drugs and/or chemicals whenever possible, which is what drew us to LifeWave! Once my horses were patched, I could see and feel the difference it made...we were hooked and my mom became a distributor in September 2010. Since then, we have used LifeWave patches for ourselves, and our horses with great success, as well as our many customers. I use the patches for pain/soreness relief and prevention on my barrel horses. We enjoy helping others learn about LifeWave and how they can help themselves feel their best, but also help their horses to feel their best. When a horse feels good, it performs good! Here is a picture of me and my barrel mares, Miss Susy Spoon and Wee Quick. Wee, my 18 year old bleeder mare was wearing LifeWave patches when we won the 3D in the 2nd Go of the NBHA Florida State Show 2011!"

Martha Josey & RE Josey

"We have seen horses that jumped around in pain, kicked; buckled down to their knees and after these horses have had LifeWave patches placed on them, they stopped kicking, jumping around and got really calm and relaxed. They seem to really like the patches. We are very impressed with LifeWave patches for horses, and we have now had our entire staff at Josey Ranch trained and will include them in our pain management portion of our clinics."

Martha Josey - WPRA, AQHA, NBHA World Champion and LifeWave Distributor
RE Josey - Three-time AQHA World Champion Calf Roper and LifeWave Distributor
Courtney T. Shumpert

"I was recently introduced to AcuLife, an exciting product that I truly believe will make a dramatic difference in the equine industry. These non-transdermal adhesive patches gently stimulate known acupuncture points without needles, providing fast, drug-free pain relief.

The equine industry has embraced veterinary acupuncture and chiropractic care as important complements to traditional veterinary medicine. LifeWave patches are a unique addition to the exciting array of options for enhancing our equine partners' lives. As with any complementary medical modality, it is important to point out that LifeWave patches are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease. However, any competitor will tell you that a horse who feels good will work harder and perform better.

Since I began using and recommending LifeWave patches, I have seen many horses benefit from this wonderful product. Having the option to quickly provide temporary, localized, drug-free pain relief is extremely appealing. The potential uses for these products in complementary veterinary practice are endless. Horse owners often have difficulty administering oral medications. LifeWave's AcuLife patches provide an alternative option for pain relief without the fight. As both a veterinarian and competitive horse owner, this product line and its results are very exciting. I look forward to using them on my horses and in my practice."

Courtney T. Shumpert, DVM
LifeWave Distributor
Mississippi, USA

"I was recently introduced to LifeWave products when my wife tried them on her barrel horses. I was very skeptical when she described the results over the phone and was anxious to get to the run to see for myself. I will add here that my wife is a veterinarian as well (we are both MSU CVM 2001 graduates).

I was impressed with product's ability to relieve pain and calm nervous horses. I will add that the patches do not treat or cure and are not a substitute for veterinary care. They do provide fast and demonstrable pain relief in a variety of situations. When soreness was detected by digital palpation, the same area minutes later was pain free. It is well documented that endorphin release in the horse causes licking and chewing and general softening of the animal's affect. These behaviors are evident minutes after applying LifeWave patches to specific acupressure points."

Kirk Shumpert, DVM, BS
Mississippi, USA
Dr. Lauren DeRock, DVM

"My veterinary practice for the last 20 years has been centered on Equine Acupuncture and Chiropractic so, in 2004, when I heard about this new company that had a product that claimed to be able to treat acupuncture points without needles, I was interested in trying it.

After making sure that these patches were safe to use on myself and my husband, I put them on our favorite 25-year-old horse. His immediate reaction was increased energy and zest for life. I continued to use patches on this horse till he finally passed away at 32. He loved to be patched. Since then we have done two additional Thermography studies which have produced amazing results.

After that first experience, I started using the patches in my practice with very good results on hundreds of horses. I did a study which was published in 2005 in a veterinary journal. The 1st thermography study was published last year and the 2nd is ready for publication.

I can say that I have NEVER had a negative reaction in a horse, dog or cat that I was aware of. These patches have relieved pain, reduced inflammation and in so many cases improved the lives of animals in my care for years. I have seen elderly horses take a new lease on life. I have seen injuries resolve more quickly than I had expected, and I have been able to help people all over the world with issues in their horses. Some of these people have no veterinary service close to them help their horses with any problems, but I have been able to help them to use needle-less acupuncture to help with painful issues that their animals may be experiencing. I cannot say enough about this great product."

Dr. Lauren DeRock, DVM
ory Kidd

"I've just been introduced to this LifeWave Technology and it's made a great difference with my horse to keep him sound going down the road.

It's really hard to go down the road and you only have one horse, they get real sore as it goes on. And it's really helped to keep him sound and moving because without a horse you're nothing. And so its really helped me to do better and and keep my horse sound and keep him working better. And if you haven't used LifeWave, you might want to try it because it could really change everything."

Cory Kidd
2010 IPRA Team Roping Champion
Hilton Nelson

"The AcuLife pain patches are great for horses. When you check their points and they show pain. After patching those points there is no sign of pain. The horses seem so relaxed when pain free . Their performance is so much better. I recommend AcuLife patches for all performance horses. They will love you for it and they are a very inexpensive tool for your horse. I have been using LifeWave on my horses since 2010."

Hilton & Jeannette Nelson owner Triple NNN Ranch. GA
a very proud LifeWave Rep
Linda TJ

"There is nothing as powerful as personal experience to sell me on a product. The possibility of pain reduction first attracted my attention to the LifeWave products. The patches have remarkable pain relief for horses. I train and provide consultation for problem horses with Tellington TTouch Training on five continents. One of the most valuable uses of these patches has been for the reduction of pain in aging or arthritic animals, particularly when they cannot take any more pain medication. Sandy Rackowitz has had remarkable results with her 29-year-old Quarter Horse. Without the AcuLife patches, he was eating poorly and moving very little. With the AcuLife patches on his body, he was able to move and eat like he did years ago. What impresses me is the overall program of health enhancement for animals. LifeWave plays an important role for health maintenance in the lives of the animals I work with."

Linda Tellington-Jones
Horsewoman, Author, Creator of Ttouch and LifeWave Distributor
Cory Kidd and Caleb Anderson

"I've had her injected, had a vet come out and adjust her, and I've tried some new saddle pads [not sure if that is what he said] and I thought I kinda had it, but she's always been stiff in her neck. We put a patch where the problem was and she's not sore there anymore. I'm a believer."

Cory Kidd & Caleb Anderson
Michelle Porch

"My name is Michelle Porch. I have been riding horses since I was 12 yrs old and barrel racing since 1990. I love the AcuLife patches because you see results within seconds. If I go to a show or rodeo and unload my horse and find them limping or flinching when I brush them I don't have to worry anymore about whether I have time to give Bute and how it will affect my run... I just patch and run. Its good knowing that me and my horses can work pain free."

Thanks AcuLife,

Michelle Porch
Blue Springs, MS / LifeWave Distributor
Mechelle Watson

"I was very skeptical about this product initially. I finally tried the pain patches and I was amazed at how quickly and effectively they worked, on my horse. Finally a product that really works and is safe to use. No drugs, no side effects, because nothing is going into the system. I will definitely continue using this product on my horse!"

Mechelle Watson owner EZ Run Pro NC
Coty Brown

"I was not real sure about the patches working on my horses when something sounds to good to be true well most of the time it is. This last year at my UBF finals the horse I was riding developed some problems after searching my truck for a product to inject him, I realized I left it on the farm, I placed the patches on my horse and I could not believe it by time we got back into the arena my horse was fine. all could say was WOW!"

Coty Brown / Owner UBF NC
Holly Thomas

"Instead of the acupuncture, I've actually used it to make him feel better. I can use it when I race him, instead of just doing it once a month.

As long as my horses are winning, I'll definitely be using them."

Holly Thomas
Tim Brown

"I do a lot of accupunture; I've had some experience with it in the past, with the needles... With this, it's very simple; you see fast results, very quickly. You don't have to go to school to learn how to use it. That's what I like, it's very simple.

Know your horse and know where to put them and you'll see the difference in no time."

Tim Brown
Woody Brown

"I know you can stimulate acupunture points in ways other than with needles and I was willing to give the patches a try and sure enough they stimulate acupunture points.

There are lots of things you can do to help your horses, but there are very few things you can do to help them that don't have negative long-term side effects. And this doesn't."

Woody Brown
Kelly Carrington

"Since I've been using them on my horses, I've found them to be more comfortable. I use them for pain relief and for relaxation. And my horses have been placing quite well since I've been using them."

Kelly Carrington
Pricilla Hubbard

"I am convinced that LifeWave patches helped her feel better and helped us do well."

Pricilla Hubbard
Annette Reese

"My mare, Threeturnsandhome, aka Dottie, is 15 years old and has not been herself for the past few months. She was not as quick and tight around the barrels as she used to be. I had John work on her at the 2011 Memphis Lucky Dog. She was sore all over her body - especially on her back. As soon as the LifeWave patches were put on, I was a BELIEVER!! She placed in the 2D, Friday and Saturday. We hauled to a rodeo Saturday where she placed 2nd the 1st go and won the 2nd.

This past weekend she ran on Friday, 3 times on Saturday, and once on Sunday. She got faster each run, winning the race on Sunday and finishing 2nd in the Average. I can tell she feels good. Her turns are tight and snappy and she is really cutting the clock off. I can't wait for the next barrel race!

Thank you John and LifeWave for making Dottie feel great and giving me my awesome mare back."

Annette Reese

CAUTION: It is recommended that dealers/members have the requisite experience working with horses before using (training on) AcuLife patches. To help prevent serious injury or harm from kicking, it is further recommended to always stand to one side of a horse when testing for pain.