AcuLife by LifeWave, Inc.



When it comes to how fast the amazing LifeWave technology can work, horses don’t lie! Watch this video as LifeWave’s VP of Marketing and resident TV guy, Jim Caldwell, working with LifeWave distributor and equine expert John Chance, shows you amazing, fast responses among horses as they visibly settle down (pain and discomfort dramatically reduces) the minute LifeWave patches are applied. With over 80 clinical studies verifying LifeWave efficacy, including 2 that were done involving horses, you can trust LifeWave to perform!


CAUTION: It is recommended that dealers/members have the requisite experience working with horses before using (training on) AcuLife patches. To help prevent serious injury or harm from kicking, it is further recommended to always stand to one side of a horse when testing for pain.