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Welcome to AcuLife

LifeWave's AcuLife patches are a new technology for providing pain relief and improving the overall quality of life for your horse. LifeWave's technology accomplishes this by working with your horse's body, not against it. You care about the health and well-being of your horse. Now you can decrease your horse's pain and inflammation in a safe and all-natural way. This is how your horse's body is supposed to function, both now and all through its life. This is LifeWave.

How would you choose to improve the quality of life for your horse? Would you give him less pain? We know that you care about the health of your horse. What if there was a way to relieve his pain without harsh drugs? Now there is. To learn more about how LifeWave can improve the quality of life for your horse, click the Product link above.

Exciting News - AcuLife Apparel Store!

We have a new AcuLife Apparel Store. Visit the new online store to order hats, shirts, jackets and much more.
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CAUTION: It is recommended that dealers/members have the requisite experience working with horses before using (training on) AcuLife patches. To help prevent serious injury or harm from kicking, it is further recommended to always stand to one side of a horse when testing for pain.